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Celaviedmai's Debut EP 'Both Sides of the Story' Dropping on March 31

Celaviedmai has just announced the arrival of her long awaited debut EP, titled 'Both Sides of the Story'.

Celaviedmai describes this EP as an opportunity to showcase the different sides of her musical story, with flavours from various parts of her personality - from poetry to trap and plenty of surprises in between. The six track project was written by Celaviedmai and co-produced, mixed and mastered by Alan McKee.

Both Sides of the Story takes listeners on a journey from emotional reflections like those on the successful lead single 'HEAL', to the energetic track 'WORK' which is sure to land on people's motivation playlists in the coming days.

The EP's outro 'People Issues' looks at the barriers that Mai faces as a female rapper in Ireland, with clever lyrics and an experimental format. As her flow switches her target audience switches: She goes from addressing her hip-hop counterparts about undermining her, to the music industry for using her as their token black girl and ends with assuring everyone, that despite the challenges, she will rise above the negativity and continue to do what she does best. This closing number is a definite stand out track for the Galway star.


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